Protect your telegram communities from spam!

After 5 years of moderating groups and fighting spam across Telegram, we’re finally making it possible for users to get their own, fully customised, versions of Rose. With over 530 million users across 12 million chats, Rose has more than proven her worth - so what are you waiting for?

Get your own Rose clone now!

Spam fighting

Use all of Rose's tried-and-tested features to protect your group from spam, misinformation, and antisocial behaviour.


Customise your bot to match your community! Change the bot's name and picture according to your needs.

Exclusive features

Enable new exclusive features to enhance your group's interactions! Send scheduled reminders, speak as your bot, and more!

Increased limits

Get increased notes, filters, and blocklists with your very own bot!


Free tier
£ Free/mo
  • Completely free!
  • Extensive online documentation
  • Try out all of Rose’s features before you buy
  • Blocklists, CAPTCHAs, AntiRaid, Locks - all the core features are available.
  • Fair usage limits apply; limited notes, filters, blocklists, etc.
Private instance
£ TBD/mo
  • … All the features listed in the free tier, plus
  • Customisable! Change the name, picture, etc
  • Exclusive new features; echo, broadcasts, afk, and more to come
  • Increased notes, filters, and blocklist limits
  • Enhanced control, performance, and privacy
More coming soon
  • More plans, with various price ranges
  • Improved customisation options
  • New integrations
  • More bots, with diverse feature sets
  • Enterprise solutions for bots owned by teams rather than individuals
  • Web UIs for bot configuration
  • Group statistics
  • Premium support options